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## Links
* [PayloadsAllTheThings - Cheat sheets for injections](
## FAQ
1. How to access the book
- Login to school library [](
- Search for article Real-World Bug Hunting
- Use the external link of "Skillsoft Books ITPro"
- Login with your JAMK login info (not the labranet login)
- Great success!
2. I'm stuck with the assignment what to do?
- Try the assignment for yourself at least for 30 minutes to solve it
- Ask your class mates for help
- Skip the part and continue with other parts of the assignment and participate to thursday's timed meeting to get a nudge
- Remember that there's total of 20 points available from each week, do not remain stuck in the first problem you are facing, make sure you get other parts of the assignments ready and come back to the problem afterwards.
3. But it's beyond thursday!
- If you are unable to get an answer from other students you can try to reach teacher, but do not rely on that, I will do my best to answer you, but there's 12 courses total for this semester to run for, I might not be able to answer you. Please try to gather your questions for the thursday's session.
4. What is a nudge?
- It's a idea where to look for or what to have more inspect to
- What is it not? Is a clear answer for your problem
5. My environment is not working, please help
- Ask for help in the course's teams channel, everyone should be able to help you, also the teacher will see the problem and might answer there before fellow students.
6. I missed the last return date
- You need to get at least 50 points out of this course, the late returns are concidered as 0 points returns, there are some extra points available, see the ``
7. There's just too much to do!!!
- It is a really intence course since we are running 1cr/week. Remember that you do not have to aim for grade of 5 and be ready to answer each assignment tasks, you need 50 points to get the passing grade. Do not get burnout by trying to aim higher than it is comfortable to accomplish!
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