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......@@ -81,9 +81,9 @@ Tasks:
* Find out what methods `/api/import` endpoint offers using `OPTIONS`
* Perform HTTP request with supported method and data created in Pickle section
* Base64 encoded payload (1 pts)
* Get flag WasFlag9_1
* Get flag WasFlag9_1
* Base64 encoded payload Pickle can deserialize (1 pts)
* Get flag WasFlag9_2
* Get flag WasFlag9_2
* Take a note of `HINT` response readers if stuck. Also, remember to follow containers log messages for possible errors
* Verify that you are able to run arbitrary command on the target server (2 pts)
* If using command that creates like a new file use `docker exec -it wasdat-backend /bin/bash` to get access to the container to prove its existence
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