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In game industry it is absolutely grucial for you to be able to pitch and sell your ideas. Usually you are given a really short time to sell your idea to a publisher, inverstor, company,
team etc.
The last and the most important thing for those who attend the game project course is a video pitch of your game idea.
The last and the most important assignment, especially for those who attend the game project course, is a video pitch of your game idea. In the beginning of the development course we will be reviewing these pitches and form our development groups based on the ideas you have. So if you really think youre idea is cool and would be nice to develop, pay some effort in this one.
After all the previous assignemnts and the video lectures you should have at least few ideas for a game. Summarise your game idea in a short video, maxinum of 5 minutes. You might want to use various kinds of tools here to present your idea. You can for example:
- Use a short slideshow to present your points
- Use your paper prototype
- Use concept art or illustrations
Things you should discuss about
- [](
- [](
- []( (notice it's 3 pages!)
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[![](]( "")
**An absolute deadline for this assignments is 8.3.!**
**This pitch should also be found from your project repository**
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