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## Mitä saatu aikaan
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* Tärkeimmät saavutukset?
## Kohdatut ongelmat
* Lista "issueista" ?
Vestibulum ac varius neque. Donec vel sapien libero. Cras fringilla augue quis quam pretium, nec volutpat enim vulputate.
* Onko jotain hankaluuksia
## Mitä seuraavaksi
* Linkki etappiin / sprinttiin ?
Pellentesque congue odio ut tellus elementum vulputate et dapibus ante. Nunc tincidunt, nibh sit amet lobortis congue, lectus erat rutrum lacus, nec rhoncus urna erat quis felis. Vestibulum laoreet est diam, in euismod tellus ornare at. Donec in egestas enim. Cras ipsum elit, pulvinar consequat viverra id, dictum condimentum justo.
## Projektin kokonaiskulut x.y.202z
* Tässä voi olla linkki mahdollisiin tuntikirjauksiin?]()
* Tai voitte upottaa "EXCEL"-tiedoston etc.
* Taulukko on helpoin vaihtoehto ?
### Projektin kokonaiskulut 5.1.201x
* [Linkki tuntikirjauksiin?]()
| Kuluerä | määrä | hinta a | Yhteensä |
# Projektiryhmän esittely
Kerätään kaikki ryhmä jäsenet tähän dokumenttiin tai ohjataan "site"-sivustolle, josta tekijät löytyvät.
# Nimi
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* Vastuut
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* Vastuut
[![](]( "")
# Projektisuunnitelma pohja / sisältö
1. Toimeksianto
tausta ja lähtökohdat, tavoitteet ja tehtävät, rajaus ja liittymät, tulos
# Application Architecture
# Architecture and technical solutions
This document is a "living" document that is constantly updated. In its current form, it is only a rough framework that "can" be used as a basis for technical documentation of projects. The structure can and must be modified! The goal is to create a document that seamlessly integrates the design documentation with the rest of the project documentation. The author assumes no responsibility for the content of this document.
TV: NarsuMan
## Title
Version number
Classification (Secret / Public etc ..)
Responsible person
## Introduction
* Introduction to the document ..
## Overview
* Briefly introduce the product or item
* The task of this document is to give the next developer, for example, an understanding of how the product has been implemented (Source code alone is not enough)
* What kind of tools and environments are needed if you plan to develop the product further
## Technologies used
* JAVA / Java Script?
* HABA language
* Reasons why!
## Descriptions of product development environments
Describe at least the following:
* Development environment
* Test environment
* Execution environment
* Demo environment
In other words, how have those different environments been implemented in the project
## Tools used and their version numbers
* Translator for xyz v1.0.1
* debugger zky v2.05
* Firefox 123
* Reasons why!
## The most important technical solutions on which the product relies
* Used libraries / frameworks (JQuery v 23456, JAVA EE 8 + Spring ZZZ, React IO)
* Other jips and gimmicks
* Reasons why!
## General software architecture
* Services
## Interfaces
* [Example of living life] (
## Description of the execution environment (production)
* How the product is run in production
* Deployment diagram
## Database descriptions
# Software architecture
## Software architecture thought like Zachman
* Framework and 4+1 View Model
* Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP)
1. Enterprise viewpoint --> Business Case
2. Information viewpoint -- >
3. Computational viewpoint
4. Engineering viewpoint
5. Technology viewpoint
* Link Jari Suni here :)
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# Solution Acrhitecture
Describe how you solve a customers problem with our solution!
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