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# Application Archtecture
# Application Architecture
# Architecture and technical solutions
This document is a "living" document that is constantly updated. In its current form, it is only a rough framework that "can" be used as a basis for technical documentation of projects. The structure can and must be modified! The goal is to create a document that seamlessly integrates the design documentation with the rest of the project documentation. The author assumes no responsibility for the content of this document.
TV: NarsuMan
## Title
Version number
Classification (Secret / Public etc ..)
Responsible person
## Introduction
* Introduction to the document ..
## Overview
* Briefly introduce the product or item
* The task of this document is to give the next developer, for example, an understanding of how the product has been implemented (Source code alone is not enough)
* What kind of tools and environments are needed if you plan to develop the product further
## Technologies used
* JAVA / Java Script?
* HABA language
* Reasons why!
## Descriptions of product development environments
Describe at least the following:
* Development environment
* Test environment
* Execution environment
* Demo environment
In other words, how have those different environments been implemented in the project
## Tools used and their version numbers
* Translator for xyz v1.0.1
* debugger zky v2.05
* Firefox 123
* Reasons why!
## The most important technical solutions on which the product relies
* Used libraries / frameworks (JQuery v 23456, JAVA EE 8 + Spring ZZZ, React IO)
* Other jips and gimmicks
* Reasons why!
## General software architecture
* Services
## Interfaces
* [Example of living life] (
## Description of the execution environment (production)
* How the product is run in production
* Deployment diagram
## Database descriptions
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