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“The closure phase includes measures related to the completion of the project. During the phase, the project team prepares a final project report and a presentation to the executive team. During the phase, the result of the project will be handed over to the client, the last meeting of the executive team will be held in week X and the project organization will be dissolved. The final phase will result in a final report on the project. ”
title Project steps
dateFormat DD-MM-YYYY
section GANTT
Step 1 :active,k1,15-01-2019, 20-01-2019
Step 2 :active,k2,after k1, 20-02-2019
Step 3 :active,k3,after k2, 20-03-2019
Step 4 :active,k4,after k3, 20-04-2019
## 4 Quality management
Working methods, tools, instructions and standards applicable to the project.
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